micf 2013 notes
Fan fiction
Transformers in love,
Batman dark knight
Snake nokia
Harry potter
Tom ballard
Christmas Zorro
Betsy( Tummy)
Music wolf mother twitter fight, shriek found track
John holocaust issues
Bengie madden vegan/KFC
Hipster glasses
Anne Edmonds
4 stories of people buying a quarter of the same cabbage
Old man
Hippie lady
Wog girl
Skills in time
Baffling robot fingering chess betrayal
This is Siberian husky
Sketch factory
David odoherty upbeat, stick insect
6 yo girl, bees, bikes
Wank on bike,
Time travelling conversation with divi chi about inventions
Play of outer space,
Claire hooper disappointed ,
Commercial radio
Sit down shower
UFO/ hatchback
Toilet revenge prunes
Penis fingers
Anti reading
Plum tree Europe fight
Don bourke, brother
Adam rozenbach
Dad Koran
Counting steps
Paris is cat piss
Cobble stone souvinear
Autobahn signs
5 hours still in sydney
Michael workman
Laughter despite suicide
Delight in depression
Red rooster
Seeing music
Static bar spark
Roomnumner school captain
Email fake
Englishfriend afl
Dress in colours
Hitchhike or mum drive/ live bush
Lessons with Louis boy scuffle
Cat badges
Neighbour chooks
Plastic surgery
Famous awards
Mini helicopter
Video camera
Keytar awesomeness
Moustache constants
Jack druce
Fatty dog
Poetry slam
Jazz walrus
Steele Saunders
On stage art
Murderous left alone
Art nonsense
Girl unname voice over
Crowd golf
Bikini pillow fight
Old fall
Barry someone else
Nath valvo
Ruined bdays
Into lake at putt putt golf
Dub step demo
My party
Friends fights
Harry potter
Gen fricker
Dugong wang
Inside cinema theft
Canberra magician
Crying hot boy sex
McDonald dress
Robot boyfriend
Karl chandler
Laurence Leung
Investigative genius
Crow obsession
Raspberry cordial
Mum and pop
Usual suspects
Boy girl lie
Tommy d
Invented vgmite
Book about it
Stood up at KFC
Book debating its creation
3 things
Dog rooting
Luke mcgregor
Tmnt accent
School uniform hassle
Carpet shit
Movie girlfriend failed boner
Premier seats
Hair pin
Wil Anderson
Stolen car
Police new car
Credit card
Flamy hips
old ladybushfires
County crying
Not poofs just mates
Credit card, macca’s protien powder brazil
Meat no options restaurant hair s/wich

Michael hing
Ark barker
Sing dance man
Sticker book lines
Explosive sun
Tram horn triangle
Clips songs and backstage talk, a lot of hardcore multigenerational
Charlie Pickering, Libby gore, Romney cheing
Breast feeding, biting dicks,
lawyer association, Melbourne uni
Photo shop genitals
Fan fiction
Big guy Missed first story, hobbits stabbing themselves,
Cal Wilson, galactic the voice,
Judges darth vader, Sherlock Holmes, dr who, hermoine,
Contestants, darleck, sock elf , Luke sky walker, kong and Godzilla kill al not Holmes
Big girl PAC man, mrs, drunk family
David odoherty lance Armstrong lied and ruined life, all bad things his faultl
Last guy, bingle vs bondi rescue, witch powers, ring, lost her mind
Bob franklin, Stephen curry
Rough disjointed play
Sam Simmons
On stage
golden shoe
lamb meat tray
Thrown ham
Other rubbish in bin
Nath Valvo Almost 30

Nath Valvo
Almost 30
9:30pm Trades Hall - The Annexe

Ok, admissions to be made, this was the show I saw after staying at a brewery all day, but it was Friday night and my inebriation may have been common to a number of audience members. But i found the show cut through it swiftly and drew my attention and held it solidly for the hour. A look back across a mess of ruined birthdays past. Disappointments on the big day, from mini golf disasters to couples meltdowns and foreign bedroom fight club requests. A Miriad of unavoidable spontaneous festivity interuptions that all coincided annually. Great stage presence and big punchline reveals just bought the audience into uncontrollable fits of laughter. My wife and I also got to do some audience participation and nath revealed hidden dance talents that lay dormant within me.

Nathan Valvo:

Twitter https://twitter.com/nathvalvo

Tickets http://www.comedyfestival.com.au/2013/season/shows/almost-30-nath-valvo

Steele Saunders’ Venue Got Demolished Late Show!

Steele Saunders
Steele Saunders’ Venue Got Demolished Late Show!
10:45pm Portland Hotel - pool room

As the title suggests this is a Limited run late night show due to his previous venue being demolished . This was my fourth show for the night and I have a tendency to drink so I can’t remember to many specifics of this show but what I do remember laughing my assoff. Got to meet the man afterwards and he got to babysit this drunkard for a bit then kindly delivered me to festival club, along the way I interjected with a drunks wit/ nonsense in a conversation Steele and David were trying to have despite me,
Upon arriving at hifi I kindly interrupted a conversation between jack druce and skills in times greg…. After presumably scaring them away I proceeded to have several conversations with strangers. Many of them about where to get rare roast beef sandwiches and occasionally about comedy. I woke the next morning/arvo hangover free miraculously, so rode down to Stkilda to get tacos from taco truck then onto temple brewery to give being drunks second chance.
This post is just bragging of my adventures
I have no regrets

Steele Saunders

Twitter https://twitter.com/SteeleSaunders

Tickets http://www.comedyfestival.com.au/2013/season/shows/the-steele-saunders-venue-got-demolished-late-night-show

Jack Druce Unqualified Life Coach

Jack Druce
Unqualified Life Coach
8:15pm Spleen Bart

This must’ve been an awkward show for Jack Druce, making the discovery just hours previous that ticketmaster weren’t actually selling tickets to his spleen shows. Myself and others still turned up on the door and he brought the funny solid. A bonus talk about ghosts and a very solid routine thrown around some candid audience discussions. See this show, here a brilliant young comedian and laugh till it hurts. Check out his podcast Druce and hung podcast as well, discussed in my Michael hing preview show post.
Very honoured to be one of the 25%ers.

Jack Druce:

Twitter https://twitter.com/Jackdruce

Tickets http://www.comedyfestival.com.au/2013/season/shows/unqualified-life-coach-jack-druce

Tegan Higginbotham Touched by Fev

Tegan Higginbotham
Touched by Fev
7pm Spleen bar

From a proud Carlton family up in dandenong , Tegan higginbotham tells of one of her two heros, the other being more widely known is harry potter if you have ever heard her speak before. It comes up a lot. Touched by fev is not a literal title she wishes to point out, but being the story of influence the man had on her growing up as fev is also a product of dandenong and at a time a Carlton player. A mix of reckless big fish little pond growing up and a mix of reckless characters she now calls friends lead to some wild hi jinks giving insight into why a hero of hers could at time act foolishly.its getting caught that leads to trouble. She even got to meet the man himself. A packed house and a great story with out that thick layer of hindsight that skews most stories into acts of heroism or defeat. Laughs were big and honest.
I even got to have an awkward “I’m seeing/I’m Mcing” misheard conversation afterwards while I was waiting for jack druce to begin.
Enjoy her work on the podcasts I’ve heard her on and her spot on the shelf live show earlier in the week, also as part of Watson. Definitely can hold her own in many a comedy format.

Tegan Higginbotham:

Twitter https://twitter.com/TeganMH

Tickets http://www.comedyfestival.com.au/2013/season/shows/touched-by-fev-tegan-higginbotham

Lesson with Luis Famoucity!

Lesson with Luis
6pm Melbourne Town Hall

Strap on your travelling pants because lessons with Luis is taking us to the bright lights of famoucity. Luis is the director of the worlds greatest movie accompanied by the rest of hus family, hus father Len, brother luelin and his trusty cat. In the final hour of production to have the movie completed before the famous awards all goes wrong after an evil plot unfolds with Luis the victim. Full of cat badges, audience involvement, simulated helicopter flight and one of the most hilarious boy scuffles this show is silly fun. Luelinin stealing the show with subtlety, a killer moustache that appears and doesn’t disappear, and a slick keytar solo.

Lessons With Luis:

Twitter https://twitter.com/lessonswithluis

Tickets http://www.comedyfestival.com.au/2013/season/shows/famoucity-lessons-with-luis

Michael workman Eva Loretta

Michael workman
Eva Loretta
9:45pm Melbourne Town Hall - Regent Room

Michael workman is a master at dire comedy. With this show he brings us a tale which some how shows delight in depression and laughter despite suicide. A now successful musician returns to visit the grave of a friend who committed suicide in the shitty little town only one of them managed to escape. Also to eat red rooster. They met with a spark and brought joy to each others works that they could never find from their surrounds. Very emotional and the most touching comedy show I’ve ever seen. He is a true talent.

Michael workman:

Twitter https://twitter.com/workmancomedy

Tickets http://www.comedyfestival.com.au/2013/season/shows/ave-loretta-michael-workman

Adam Rozenbachs Eurodad

Adam Rozenbachs
8:30pm Melbourne Town Hall - Regent Room

Adam Rozenbachs and his dad travelling Europe on the near brink of fatherly homicide. From the first step Adam realised this would not got well, but this trip was to repay his dad for years of gratitude to the man that raised him and not even the relentless frustration of both men would prevent it from occurring. His dad counting every set of steps, to the resounding sensation of Paris being of cat piss and little else, reading out all the signs and demonstration physically GPS instructions. All to have him take home as a souvenir the thing he had cursed most about Europe and his highlight being how big Australia truly is. Wonderfully funny show from start to finish. Well crafted and very punchy.

Adam Rozenbachs:

Twitter https://twitter.com/arozenbachs

Tickets http://www.comedyfestival.com.au/2013/season/shows/eurodad-adam-rozenbachs

Watson Once Were Planets

Once Were Planets
9:30pm Trades Hall - Old Council Chambers

Watson, the comedy duo team of Tegan Higginbotham and Adam McKenzie, embark on another feat of stage play in this an intergalactic tale of two astronauts feeling abandoned by the world they left. Set in deep space approaching/encountering Pluto. With the aid of a crack troupes of puppeteers and over 120 props silliness ensues. A hilarious near pantomime romp, they make it very clear it’s not pantomime because they say isn’t, and it holds up. Ninja fights with telepathis creatures displaying an array of glow in the dark wangs as well as ample bossomness as well audience generated computer beeps, it is an all involving delightful sci fi romp through the furthest reaches of the solar system. All the while with Tegan boasting an ungainly broken puppet leg, a mid show transplant was performed and normality in a fictional sense resumed. A show of aliens and nonsense and space to grab your attention and fully enthral. See it to enjoy life.


Twitter https://twitter.com/watsoncomedy

Tickets http://www.comedyfestival.com.au/2013/season/shows/once-were-planets-watson

David O’Doherty Seize The David O’Doherty (Carpe DO’Diem)

David O’Doherty
Seize The David O’Doherty (Carpe DO’Diem)
7:30pm Forum Theatre - Upstairs

After lasts years show being his self proclaimed most depressing show in his career David O’Doherty ha drought a show of hope to our shores full of optimism for life and our surrounds.
Casting of a burden of gloom he brings us his new look on life with tales of a young lady of 6 he was entrusted care of who showed him joy exists in the things you love, you just need to know what they are.
For this its jokes and bikes, primarily bikes and to prove a fact that he is not lane he tells the tale of a friend (definitely not him) who at a moment of heightened clarity has a wank on a bike. But it is only through toil and despair that real joy is known so the issues of stick insect mortality and disappointing Di Vinci in an odd time travelling conversation ground us. A hole heartily enjoyable show, left it feeling good about life. Songs, of tiny keyboards, jokes and happiness.
look up and forward while avoiding swastika tattoos kiddies.

David O’Doherty:

Twitter https://twitter.com/phlaimeaux

Tickets http://www.comedyfestival.com.au/2013/season/shows/seize-the-david-o-doherty-carpe-do-diem-david-o-doherty

This is Siberian Husky The Misery Factory

This is Siberian Husky
The Misery Factory
6pm The Forum Theatre - Pizza Room

Sketch comedy duo This is Siberian husky tell the tales of individuals in a town overshadowed and mainly employed by the misery factory. Exactly as it sounds a factory the produces misery that can be witnessed in every day life is a production of the industrial revolution.
From factory workers to children at the beach they run from skit to skit brining the giggles at the absurd in a countless number of situations.
I had the glorious honour of portraying one such working slob Gary, my back story being quite involved from led zeppelin cover band reject to a follicle menace near machinery. The pleasure of being the only person to sit front row elevated me to the lofty heights of audience participation. Silly good fun and good solid sketch. The best sketch comedy I’ve seen so far in the festival with a running storyline progression of sorts to boot.

This is Siberian Husky:

Tickets http://www.comedyfestival.com.au/2013/season/shows/the-misery-factory-this-is-siberian-husky

Skills in Time Chess mates: The Story of Kasparov & Deep Blue

Skills in Time
Chess mates: The Story of Kasparov & Deep Blue
9pm Trades Hall - The Evatt Room

Baffling story of robot fingering yogo related chess betrayal.
A very loosely scripted year 9 talent show style sketch with less direction or focus that runs an hour and the only discernible lesson is that orange choc yogo is the greatest flavour, although I don’t know if this product exists in actual reality. Also computers can be bastards.
Really enjoyed it but I have no idea to whom i could recommend this show.
If you like insanity and/or yogo based humor, do it, see this show.
I like both. Keep it up boys.

Skills In Time:

Twitter https://twitter.com/skillsintime

Tickets http://www.comedyfestival.com.au/2013/season/shows/chessmates-the-story-of-kasparov-deep-blue-skills-in-time

Anne Edmonds The Quarter Cabbage

Anne Edmonds
The Quarter Cabbage
7:30pm Melbourne Town Hall - Lunch Room

A play of 4 parts with the characters being tied together by all purchasing a quarter of the same cabbage from Tony’s green grocery. A forgetful old man running a raffle, a hippie self indulgent mother, a quite creepy man playing the character of the mental elf and a young lady hopeful of becoming a starlet through the X-factor auditioning process. All have a tale to tell about life in the surrounding suburbs and and a nice wink and a nod every time a connection between the stories is made a cheat came up from the crowd. Anne also has the talents to sing and play the guitar and banjo in character. A nice mix of plot and gags keeps it pushing along at a solid pace keeping the entertainment high throughout. I saw Anne’s show last year which I really enjoyed it and with this year being a different format of performance, last years being more straight forward narrative standup, I enjoyed the quarter cabbage thoroughly. Anne is showing what a talent she is.

Anne Edmonds:

Twitter https://mobile.twitter.com/anneedmonds1

Tickets: http://www.comedyfestival.com.au/2013/season/shows/the-quarter-cabbage-anne-edmonds-in

Tom Ballard My Ego is Better Than Your Ego

Tom Ballard
My Ego is Better Than Your Ego
6pm Swiss Club
A self indulgent show about self indulgence, how meta. Tom Ballard brings the funny about his life long constant craving for attention and and validation. From early beginnings of Christmas Zorro, to last years highly publicised incident on breakfast radio that lead to many people calling for his resignation. A man trying to reconcile that in the public eye the fandom you desire drags with it the open hatred from anyone with the slightest inkling of feelings of something akin not even dislike but anything not strong enough to be termed a fan.
Now with the accessibility to anyone via social media hate can be delivered directly to a person within seconds. this being a dangerous concept for any comedian as the entire concept is self promotion and a a solid belief that what they are doing is important to all whom hear it. The laughs were big, and the bolstering outrage at life’s foibles were back, and still brilliant. Hipster glasses or no, the man is still sharp.

Tom Ballard

Twitter https://twitter.com/TomCBallard

Tickets http://www.comedyfestival.com.au/2013/season/shows/my-ego-is-better-than-your-ego-tom-ballard

FanFiction Comedy

FanFiction Comedy

4:30pm Victoria Hotel - Banquet Room

FanFiction Comedy is a show that explains itself very well in the title. A young cast of young New Zealand comedians, Heidi O’Loughlin, Joseph Moore, Tom Furniss, Steven Boyce, Joseph Harper and Eli Matthewson, are joined by two special guests on each show to read fan fiction that they have written about popular movies, books or video games.
At the show i attended Eli Mattherson was playing the role of host, with Steven Boyce and Joseph Harper in roles being loosely termed judges, intermittently adding comments and of the wall criticques to each tale.
This weeks guest were Justin Hamilton and Claire hooper.
Joseph Moore wrote a tale of transformers in love and an epic battle that ensued for the desires of Megan fox.
Justin Hamilton read out his part 1 to the new Batman dark knight trilogy while announcing on stage he is planning to return each Saturday to impart the rest of the tale, something that may have come as a surprise to some aid the cast.
Heidi O’Loughlin delivered the backstory to the Nokia game snake II, the harrowing tale of the love child between a Nokia 3210 and the hollywood star anaconda from anaconda.
Claire Hooper reimagined The Lord of the rings scene in the Mines of Moria
And made it sexy as shit and quote ” Full of hot bitches”.
Tom Furniss delivered an anti-homophobia awkwardness tale thought the characters of Harry Potter while admitting he doesn’t really know to much of the material but pieced it together from having seen 1 movie and trailers. A brave young spaghetti horse brings understanding and acceptance to the young wizards through a courageous act of self sacrifice to save love and bring awareness to the pointlessness of discrimination and the devastation it brings upon all people.
Then the guests get cake, yay, themed cake at that as well.
This is the second year I’ve seen fan fiction comedy, and it is always fun, each show is different with new stories so you can attend several times during its run. If your childhood dreams are ruined by a tale sigh loudly and I’m sure someone will hug you.

FanFiction Comedy:

Twitter https://twitter.com/FanFicComedy

Tickets http://www.comedyfestival.com.au/2013/season/shows/fanfiction-comedy

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