I ♥ Green Guide Letters live podcast

I Love Green Guide Letters
Live podcast
4:15pm Melbourne Town Hall - Supper Room

The one I was anticipating all this time for has finally come to fruition. I finally made it to a live I love green guide letters. And they bought the funny in a serious way. Special guests including one of my comedy gods, Tony Martin, as well as Sam Pang and Tom Ballard. Just fits of laughter from start to finish and Sam stepping into the area of less than thought out phrasing at one point setting himself up for the sweetest call back that just dominated the rest of the show.
Crowd was big and very involved, it was fantastic to see something I take so much pleasure from listening to being enjoyed on such a wide scale. I have my season pass in my pocket and am revelling in the fact there are another 3 of these shows to attend.

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Comedy nerd from sydney coming down to melbourne for the Melbourne international comedy festival.